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WikiHouse is an open source set of designs for self-build houses (and other structures), totally within the philosophy of Fabbing.

It is a personal goal of mine to see Fab Labs (with Fabbed equipment) in Wikihouses, and to live in an Eco-Village of Wikihouses.  If the idea intrigues you, get in touch by clicking here.

This page will become a repository of everything I can find about Wikihouses.

Here’s Alastair Parvin’s TED talk about Wikihouses:

And here’s the Wikihouse website:

To get an idea of what a Wikihouse structure looks like “under the covers”, and to see how we use Sketchup to design them, check out this video:

Here’s a little tour of one or two models that are in the Wikihouse Library:

And here’s an introduction to how I use Sketchup:

Sketchup built themselves a Wikihouse building for their stand at the NY Maker Faire in 2013: here’s the video:

Here’s a link to “A RIGHT TO BUILD: The next mass-housebuilding industry“.  You may find that difficult (impossible?) to read online: I have taken the liberty of finding it online and there is a downloadable PDF version here.

“A RIGHT TO BUILD: The next mass-housebuilding industry” — PDF Version

WikiHouseUK_Proposal_v2_ssm A design for an 80sq m two-story, 2-bedroom Wikihouse, buildable for £47,000

£50k WikiHouse Spec_v4 A specification for the above house

If you are intrigued by the idea of the Wiki House Eco Village, please click this link to keep in touch, or click here to read more about The Village.

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