Well, so far I have found “one and two halves” for Fab Labs in the UK.

The shiny, all-singing example is in Manchester.  http://www.fablabmanchester.org/ has been going for a while, and I’m promising myself a visit to see them, just as soon as I can get away.  It feels slightly odd that I have visited Fab Lab Utrecht, but not Manchester!  They actually had Neil Gerschenfeld come over to bless their efforts; well done them.  (Envoius?  Moi?)

They are the only UK Fab Lab actually up and running.

Next in line, I think, is when the Cambridge Makerspace becomes a Fab Lab, which it looks like they are on track to do.  They set up a Meetup Group, which currently has 289 members, which must give them a fair amount of momentum!

They also (very kindly) put an excellent presentation on line, to give us all some extra ideas when setting up Fab Labs.  You can see it here.


Lastly, in my research, comes Brighton.  Their website (http://fablabbrighton.org/) doesn’t say a lot(!), but there is an interesting leaflet online, about a meeting they had last summer.  I’m very envious that they have Trevor Baylis on board, and it can’t hurt them that their local MP just happens to be Caroline Lucas, leader of the Green Party!

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