Here are some interesting videos about Fab Labs around the world. Soon, we hope, this page will be full of videos about UK Fab Labs!

NOTE: View this next video full screen, so that you can read the sub-titles for the bits that are in Dutch!

Here’s the founder of the Fab Lab idea, describing it in Manchester:

Here’s Professor Neil Gerschenfeld at TED.

… and you can click here to see all the videos currently on You Tube about Fab Labs.

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  • jp says:

    Why is it that when I come to this page I hear music but can’t find a playing video or audio insert? It’s very irritating and continues to play even when one tries to play a video.

    Loved the ‘fablab in 3 words’ video on that page, by the way. I had no idea that the concept was quite so widespread!

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