I find this MIT/CBA “Machines That Make” stuff deeply powerful and exciting, because:

  1. I was getting fed up with the idea that a RepRap had to be able to reproduce itself 100%, and any deviation from that was somehow heresy. (However, notice the proportion of plastic in the snap-lock-build machine!  Apart from smooth rod, lead screws and motors, it’s all plastic. But you wouldn’t want to extrude that volume of plastic!)
  2. It moves on the idea of Rep Lab … in other words, it’s the entire lab that is self-reproducing, not just one machine. (Lots of work happening in Open Source Ecology (OSE). OSE wiki is documenting the testing of the Global Village Construction Set)
  3. It brings Rep Lab back home, because it’s a part of CBA, and CBA invented Fab Lab.
Some interesting links:

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