Fab Lab Truck

I’m going to the Sustainable Business Exhibition tomorrow, In Bournemouth.  I have had a dream for some time now, that Fab Labs UK could be in purpose built, “drop in” units, built with sustainability and the environment in mind.

I’m hoping that I might find some people there who might agree.

Gary Wilson, Creative Director of HPW Architects is giving a talk “The benefits of improving energy efficiency in new builds and retro-fit projects“; their “Leisure” portfolio looks like just the sort of thing we’re looking for.

For some time I have been interested in the work of a company called Potton, who make “self-build” buildings, and I’m wondering if their Kingspan product range might not be able to give us a very quick and easy way to get a Fab Lab — a sustainable Fab Lab — up and running quickly.

And I’m also hoping that we might find a corporate sponsor who could help us get a Fab Labs UK road show going.  In Holland they have the Fab Lab Truck (that page is in Dutch, but if you view it in Google Chrome, it will be automatically translated).  The Fab Lab truck tours the country, sparking interest, demonstrating the concept … which is maybe why Holland has 50 times as many Fab Labs per head of population than the UK does!

The concept of the mobile Fab Lab has been around for quite a while.

I was thinking, maybe (he says, tongue in cheek) of something a bit like this: