I have made a map of every Fab Lab, Makerspace, Hackerspace and other similar space where you can go and make things, in the UK.  If you click on the markers you will get information about that space.  If your space isn’t there, scroll right in (it may be hidden under another marker).

If it’s still not there, let me know and I’ll add it.  Click the picture of the map, below, to go to the map proper (in the days of good old Google maps, before it got all posh, I knew how to embed my own maps, but I haven’t yet sussed it in the latest version !)


One Response to Making Spaces in the UK

  • Iain Duncan says:

    I have now opened Fablab Essex in The MakerDen, Basildon Essex. Still a few things to do like getting the Website up and running and still looking for a volunteers but we’re off and running. Please feel free to add it to your map. Address is FabLab Essex, Oakdene Business Centre, Cranes Close, Basildon Ss14 3JB , Phone number is 01268 916 681.
    Iain Duncan

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