We had two interesting meetings yesterday, me at the Sustainable Business Exhibition in Bournemouth, and Frank in a secret location in the depths of the Kent countryside.  Lots of interest, no negatives, and now masses to do!

But the most concrete thing was me sending an exhibitor in Bournemouth, who lives and works in Manchester, to the Manchester Fab Lab!

I just hope they can help him.

Now I’m just trying to link this blog to our new Facebook Page, and our new Twitter account (you can follow us on @FabLabsUK).

But it’s making my brain hurt, so it’s time for dinner!

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  • Peter Eales says:

    Hi James
    We met at the exhibition. My colleague from Manchester and I run the economi green refurb printer office printer and cartridges company. I work with some guys who do innovation software: Jenni from jpb.com . I am also involved with the CIM – I am Chair for the SE UK. I am chasing up things with my CIM and Jenni pals to see if we can help re innovation support in the UK. Will be back to you anon. Great websites!! Peter Eales.

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