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  • Hello,

    I work for a Business Improvement Distict called Team London Bridge. We are currently working on an inititaive to encourage creative businesses to locate in a stretch of under-used railway arches in London Bridge and think a FabLab would be a fantastic addition. We are really keen to bring back a sense of manufacturing to the area and to encourage activities that will edcuate and involve the local community. Hopefully it will also be able to interact with the significant number of creative businesses that already exists in the area. Could anybody possibly tell me if there are any proposals to start a FabLab in London or whether you know of anybody that would be interested in establishing one here?

    Many thanks

  • Tom Armstrong says:


    Just wondering if there is any place for a status update for a potential fablab location in London….working on finding a location for a business venture in progress, with room for common workspace, a degree of confidentiality, and leveraging 3D printing, at least for prototyping.

  • Hi guys

    Interested to know how FabLabs in London is progressing. DevLab runs London’s largest open device lab out of IDEALondon in Shoreditch providing access to devices (mobiles, tablets, wearable tech, ibeacons etc…) but would love to talk about expanding our physical footprint with an idea to merging it all together in one big space. Check out

    We’re also running an event called DevLab LIVE in May which would be cool to get involvement in. Check out


  • Hello !

    I just see that a Fablab will open soon in London. I subscribed to the nezs letter but did not have more information at the moment. Does someone had it ? It want to get involve in it. Is there any meeting that will taking placesomewhere ?

  • Bob says:

    I think the idea of Fablabs is brilliant! I am an individual (digital) electronicist, it is my hobby for weekends. I was wondering, how will pricing of Fablabs work? will there be an entrance fee or will use of machines/components be charged? Will there be a Fablab coming anywhere near to Gloucestershire, or will Cardiff be the closest? And is there going to be an online Fablabs forum?

    Thanks, Bob

  • M says:

    Brilliant website. Are you in Eastleigh Hampshire?

    We are trying to get something going in Winchester/ Andover.

    Would you be interested? Going to try to get a grant to cover the expenses.

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