Bene 01

This is Mr Bene Ficial, our new Animatronic from the Animatronic Shop in Orlando.  At least, it’s most of Bene … he’s a little slack-jawed at the moment as his jaw servo is on the research bench as we develop new software for Bene.

SD card 2

As he comes he can remember a few movements, but as those movements are stored in Arduino memory, and the Arduino only has about 2k of memory, Bene can’t remember much.

But, as of today, Bene has a micro SD card added to his setup, and it currently has a 1Gb micro SD card in it.  Using the SD card requires a modification of the original code (actually, it requires a re-write, because I don’t have the original code: it’s not {yet?} open source).

Because the SD card shield uses the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) to communicate with the Arduino, and the SPI interface uses some pins that were being used to control Bene, things have had to change around a little.  And I have taken advantage of the availability of spare pin-outs on the SD card shield to solder the control and power lines for the bot to make things a little neater and more robust.

SD card 3

So, the hardware mods are complete; now I have to write the new software to use the different pins, and to write Bene’s program of movements to the SD card.

Watch this space!

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